Saturday September 25, 2021


I am an Information Technology professional with more than 20 years of industry experience with specialized expertise in software architecture, database development, with additional background in networking, system administration and security. This website is a public diary of both personal and professional interests and accomplishments. Please use the menu above to explore the site content.

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages

Although I didn't serve in the Gulf War of 1991, I did work as a social worker for the Department of Veterans Affairs. While at the VA, I worked with Gulf War vets and their families, becoming personally concerned for their welfare and well-being. As a result, I started the Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages in 1994 to act as an unbiased forum for disseminating information about Gulf War Syndrome and ways to get help.

JavaScript Remote Scripting with ColdFusion

Please see my Whiteboard for information on using JSRS with ColdFusion. All code is available for download there.

Other Stuff

Please see my portfolio for more.