Software Development Portfolio

In chronological order:

Asset Description Timeframe
Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages A site I founded in 1994 in support of Gulf War Veterans. The site is dynamically driven by ColdFusion with Microsoft Access on the backend. I am currently rewriting the site using a modified Fusebox methodology and SQL Server with Stored Procedures on the backend. 1994 - Present
ArtScape (no longer online) Artscape ( was the first real commercial art site on the Internet. We partnered with several watercolor societies across the country and attempted to provide a way for the artists to connect with potential customers. The site ran for about 4 years, of which I was involved for the first year. I did all of the initial site layout, design, and programming (CGI/Perl). View the site in the Wayback Machine. 1995-1996
Baxter Cycles A small customer who contracted with my development company, Ides Communications Group to redesign their site. It hasn't changed much since 1995. 1995
North Chicago VA Medical Center Intranet

While working for the VA as a Computer Specialist I built a comprehensive Intranet that became the default "home page" of everyone's PC on station. The site featured access to our help desk archive (see below) as well as links to telnet into our Alpha VMS cluster. This functionality featured Perl scripts which interfaced with the VMS cluster to tell which server was least taxed, and to dynamically draw the link such that it would telnet the user to the proper server.

Omnitech Took existing graphics and developed imagemaps. 1995
The Wachs Companies Provided Perl CGI scripting 1995
Isomeric The founder of Isomeric became a personal friend. His business is now called W3Commerce, based out of California. In 1995-6 I helped him out with a number of important Perl based CGI scripts. 1995-6
Ides Communications Group was a sub-S corporation that I founded with 3 other individuals on March 15th, 1995. I did all of the site design. View the first iteration of the site in the Wayback Machine. 1995-1996
RTI RTI was a small customer that I worked with at Ides Communications Group and continued to provide services for on a freelance basis until 1998. 1995-1998
North Chicago VA Medical Center Help Desk Ticket Tracking Application Using ColdFusion version 1.5 and Microsoft Access, I wrote a help desk ticketing application that integrated with our intranet, allowing end users to search for answers in closed tickets. 1996
Spencer Stuart Intranet I worked for Spencer Stuart in 1996-7 and procured all of the hardware and built their Intranet server from the ground up. I also worked for a period of time as techical lead on a proof of concept that became their Intranet. 1996-1997
Spencer Stuart IT Inventory Tracking Application While working at Spencer Stuart in their Networking Group I developed a comprehensive asset tracking application to assist our project teams with global office rollouts. 1996-1997
Quagmire Consulting Group QCG was my own Windows NT/ColdFusion hosting business. It was a sole proprietorship. The extranet of the site allowed me to process all of my customers billing information. In all I had over 10 clients. I sold this business to EnterAct when I went to work for them in 1998. View the site the way it was in the Wayback Machine. 1997-1998
Chicago Cold Fusion Users Group Setup preliminary site on EnterAct Windows NT/IIS server, donated several templates to site. 1998
Dialysis Clinics, Inc. This was a small Intranet that I developed for DCI, hosted at their HQ in Nashville on a webserver I built for them. 1998
Dialysis Clinics, Inc. IT Inventory Tracking System for Metamor Technologies Similar to the inventory tracking application I developed for Spencer Stuart, the requirements of this project were the same. 1998
EnterAct Consulting Group Management System (Extranet - Cold Fusion) As the VP, Consulting at EnterAct on a shoestring budget, I had to write my own Professional Services automation software. This app provided hierarchical security and customized menus based on login (Sales, Consulting, and Executive menus). Lead entry, tracking, project conversion, reporting, and billing. 1998 - 2000
Silvon Software Cold Fusion programming to get sales referral forms to work properly. Leads tracked in database. 1999
Allaire Consulting
Candidate Tracker (Extranet)
While working for Allaire, I wrote a full candidate tracking application as we hired over 30 people in a 6 month period. It was challenging at best to stay on top of all the candidates and this application made a big difference so we could visually see where any candidate was in the process. 2000
Anysoft Professional Services Automation (Extranet) While working at Anysoft, I wrote this extranet to track clients, projects, and resource schedules. 2001-02
Cincinnati AIP Extranet I am on the board of the Cincinnati Association of Internet Professionals. As the Board Secretary I manage all membership and attendance at meetings, including taking of minutes. I wrote this application to help me with my job. 2001 - 2002
Saint Mary's Church Am critical member of technical team of 3 - two ASP developers and myself, a CF Developer. Site showcases full integration of these technologies. St. Mary's is my parish in Cincinnati and I volunteer time to help on their Web Committee. 2001-2014
Firestone Building Products PIN Entry System Firestone is one of my employer's primary clients. Firestone does a lot more than tires. The PIN Entry system is used by Contractors to apply for roofing warranties. The workflow application features roles based security and supports four different logon types. This system is built in ColdFusion, Javascript, and SQL 2000. I did all of the ColdFusion work, some of the Javascript, and some of the stored procs used by the system. July 2002 - March 2003
ScheduleFactor ScheduleFactor was a Professional Services Automation system used for scheduling consulting resources. I created it for an employer, Anysoft, in 2002, where it was used for about a year. Later, I updated it for TIBCO Professional Services, where it was used for about a year. 2002, 2005
Firestone Building Products Order Entry System The Order Entry system is used by reps to order commercial roofing supplies. This system is built in ColdFusion, Javascript, and SQL 2000. I did all of the ColdFusion work, some of the Javascript, including JSRS, and some of the stored procs used by the system. November 2002 - March 2003
Home Medical Enhancement Services CPAP Supplies Fullfillment This application features three user roles, two web based (ColdFusion MX) and one thick client based (Visual FoxPro). Its purpose is to allow Home Medical Equipment companies to maximize profits and minimize losses on provision of medical equipment supplies to homebound patients. This isn't as easy as it sounds due to complex insurance carrier regulations. I have built all of the web-components and a good part of the SQL Server 2000 storedprocs in this application. The web components are done entirely in CFC's with some good use of JSRS throughout. Stored procedures were used to integrate the CF and FoxPro applications. Jan 2003 - September 2003
Hyde Park Trees Developed website that generated over 300 letters of opposition to the removal of Hyde Park (Cincinnati, OH) Square Trees. Apr - Jun 2003
Hyde Park Zoning Website for Hyde Park Neighborhood Council's Zoning Committee. ColdFusion MX and SQL Server 2000. Aug 2003 - 2010
The Northwestern Group Small website for executive recruitment of professional sales reps. ColdFusion v5. 2003
Healthbridge Upgraded company's intranet from CF4.5 to CFMX 6.1. Made significant database (ERD) modifications to their SQL 2000 server and modified and enhanced application accordingly. Sep 2003 - Nov 2003
Saint Mary School Student Information System Comprehensive web-based Report Card System for large K-8 parochial school. Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET) with C# code-behind and SQL 2000 backend. Heavy use of stored procedures and user-defined functions. Crystal Reports v9. Sep 2003 - Jan 2004
Springs East Montessori My eldest son's Montessori. I was asked by the PTO to develop a web site for the school. February 2004
GradeCenter Taking the St. Mary's Student Information System, my friend, George Simon and I converted the system to support multiple schools. The system now hosts multiple schools report card data. In addition to the ASP.NET web site, the system features a web-services enabled winform client for viewing and printing the official report cards. 2004-2014
Direct Marketing Results While the CIO of DMR, I developed a WinForm/C# based Business Management System called Nexus, which included numerous auxillary modules for managing Telemarketing Data and Fraud Detection, Service-API's for vendor data interaction, and scalable and customizable web platform for the hosting of radio contest forms. 2005-2012
Hyde Park Software While President of Hyde Park Software, I developed supply order systems, performed e-commerce integration, created web services for geo-coding and postage handling, developed comprehensive travel insurance calculation engines and UI's, developed C# code generators, and more. 2005-2012
ArtOverture Web site for professional artists to maintain online portfolios of their work. 2007-2015
7-Hills Racing Web site for Cycling Team 2008-2015